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📍 Deception Island / Polar Plunge 迪塞普遜島 / 極地跳水 - Part 7/9

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Christie: One word: volcano. It's surprising, but Antarctica has active volcanoes, and Deception Island is one such volcano. Instead of the usual snow covering, the island is covered in volcanic ash. It is populated by a few hot springs pools. A lot of seals are here too - crabeater seals. Although named such, crabeater seals don't really eat crabs, funny enough. The seals came really close to the Zodiac. One was just a meter away from me!

Legend has it that Neptune's Window, an arc of islands, was the first place the explorers saw the Antarctica continent. After hiking to where the volcano last erupted, we made it to the shore and did a Polar Plunge! With bare feet, we skittered and submerged ourselves in the ice-cold water. It was great fun, although it sometimes felt like cold water needles across the body. The best thing was seeing penguins swimming right next to us.

一個詞:火山。南極洲有活火山,而其中之一就是欺騙島,這簡直令人驚訝。島上沒有常見積雪,而是被火山灰覆蓋。火山口附近有幾個溫泉池。這裡也有很多海豹 ——食蟹海豹。雖然它們被如此稱呼,但食蟹海豹實則不吃螃蟹,這很有趣。這些海豹非常接近我們的船,其中一隻更離我只有一米!


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