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📍 Lemaire Channel / Pleneau Island / Port Charcot 利瑪水道/普萊諾島/夏洛特港 - Part 4/9

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Justin: "Team inspire - team inspire - team inspire". Our captain's sea-battered voice reverberated across the ship's speakers - a 6:45 am morning call.

By the fourth day, the feelings of jet lag and novelty had been completely replaced by a consistent routine of briefing, discussions, lectures, punctuated by some quiet moments spent admiring our frigid surroundings. Still, a full days worth of meetings can never dull the excitement participating in outside excursions.

We got to Lemaire Channel, a place so photogenic it's nicknamed "The Kodak Channel", that is if the water was still. Unfortunately, that day the weather had ideas of its own, alternating between bouts of snowstorms and sudden sunny conditions. It felt like we were experiencing all the seasons in that one day.

We made our first landing at Pleneau Island, the happy home of a gentoo penguin colony. Penguins are curious creatures. Many times, they tried to approach our team in hobbling droves, but we made sure to keep our distance. As it is moulting season, most penguins during this time try to be as inactive as possible to conserve energy as they put on a new layer of fur that would allow them to survive the cold winter.

Finally, we came across the Iceberg Graveyard. In this place, the tide comes bringing in pieces of icebergs, only to leave them stranded when the water becomes too shallow. Despite the grim name, it is beautiful to see sculptures of ice pose against the dark brown rocks. Here, the ice holds so much memory: building on layers for decades and decades until it melts away peacefully as part of a large cycle too long for our minds to comprehend.

「團隊激勵…團隊激勵…團隊激勵…」船長的聲音從喇叭傳來 — 那是早上六時四十五分的電話。





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