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📍 Neko Harbour / Paradise Bay / Brown Station 內科港 / 天堂灣 / 布朗海軍上將站 - Part 5/9

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Christie: At early dawn, we set out on the Zodiacs in the direction of Neko Harbor for our first close-up with a glacier (one that attaches to the continent). Although it seemed immovable, we remained a distance away as one could never know when exactly a glacier does decide to collapse. Even small chunks of falling icebergs can create giant waves and overturn the boats. Near Neko Harbor, you could also see Humpbacks peaking out from the water in their unique way of sleeping: floating for ~15 minutes before submerging again. Fun fact, when they sleep, they switch half their brains off to rest and keep another running to stay afloat!

Next, we came by Paradise Bay, where the Argentinian research station - Brown Station - is located. Penguins have learned to regard the existence of the research station as part of the landscape, albeit a weird break from the usual snow and rock.

拂曉時分,我們為了首次近距離以鏡頭紀錄冰川的美(與陸地相連的冰川),早早便乘搭Zodiac黑色橡皮艇駛向內科港。雖然那處冰川看似平靜不動,但我們依然保持距離 —— 畢竟我們永遠不知它會於何時崩塌。即便只是少量冰山脫落,也會形成巨大波浪,傾覆船隻。而在內科港附近,你還能目睹座頭鯨浮出水面,以獨特方式入睡:先浮上海面約 15 分鐘,然後再次下潛。有趣的是,它們每每睡覺都是半腦睡眠,即半個大腦休眠,半個大腦保持清醒以便及時浮出海面換氣!


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