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📍 Return / Cape Horn / Beagle Channel 歸途 / 合恩角 / 比格爾海峽 - Part 8/9

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Justin: Before we knew it, it was time to return. People were all on the decks as we parted from the Antarctic shore trying to gather thoughts and take in all that had happened the past week. As we withdrew from this magical place at the world's edge, I couldn't help but think I must bring back something. Seeing Deception Island and the whaling industry's leftovers juxtaposed with the wonders of Antarctica, I wanted to instil in people a sense of protective love for nature and a desire to preserve it all for the next generation. Slowing sailing away with the memories of all that happened, I promised to return someday again. That day the skies were clear, echoing a saying I once heard: "If you leave Antarctica and it’s good weather, that means the place will welcome you back."


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