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📍 The People 班組 - Part 9/9

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Christie: At Antarctica, we witnessed the gathering of many people, many different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, agendas, and life experiences, for the shared purpose of inspiring the next generation to esteem and preserve nature’s treasure, challenging the young to learn from man’s past mistakes and aim for a better future. Like a flag, Antarctica proved to be the rallying point for our efforts to usher in a better world. People across governments, academia, private sectors, and schools are breaching the usual divisions of life to exchange ideas and inspire one another to act locally.

We will forever share a bond with the 180 people on this trip with us. And to know that there are such amazing people around the world who are pushing for a better world inspires us to do better every day. Finally, a big thanks to sir Robert Swan for making all this happen. The spark of one person once shared can truly inspire change. This is why we at 2041 Hong Kong will strive to share and teach as much as possible, so others may too someday carry this spark.



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