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Today, we aim to bridge modern technology with environmental education and awareness, as well as to introduce solution-based projects to make tangible impacts, through partnerships.

We are closely engaged with schools and institutions to drive environmental impact and empower collective actions.

Our founders and delegates regularly participate in speaker events and conferences to share our insights from the Antarctica expedition. We will be having a series of public events this upcoming year, so stay tuned!



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2041Hong Kong was cordially invited by the following institutions to speak about our mission to Antarctica and the importance of local actions in mitigating climate change:

MTR Corporation Limited

UNESCO Hong Kong Association

Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

The Eir Academy for Holistic Therapy

Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School

Milwaukee Tool Asia

Dream Compassioneers

St. John's College, HKU

V'air Hong Kong

UWCGO Fireside Chat with Former Secretary for the Environment, Mr. KS Wong

Hong Kong Student Service Leader Awards

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Jointly organised with Belt & Road Pioneer, a local ecotour was held last August in order to promote the conservation of biodiversity and the importance of climate action.


A total of 30 secondary school students, winners of a competition held by Belt & Road Pioneer, joined and visited WEEE Park - Electronics Recycling Facility, Mai Po - Hong Kong's "Bird Paradise" and world's first climate change museum in CUHK.


To conclude, they heard stories from Dr. Rebecca Lee, the first woman in Hong Kong to visit the North Pole, South Pole and Mount Everest, sharing about her life journey as a media creator and fighter for the environment.

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Before our expedition, we gathered a group of students coming from all over the world online, to tell us what they wish to protect by the year 2041.


With the contributions of their virtual backgrounds, we made a photo mosaic banner to bring with us to Antarctica, advocating a call for local action.


We protect those we love, so by promoting love and care for the environment, we will have more drive to take action to protect other natural beings that are susceptible to climate change.


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