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Everything You Need To Know About 2041 And What It Means For The Antarctic

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In 20 years time, members of the Antarctic treaty will come together once more to determine the fate of Antarctica. If by 2041, a party challenges the current treaty policies, it is possible that anti-mining regulations would dissipate and policies protecting the Antarctic habitat from human pollution would crumble below the pressure of hungry businessmen.

News like these may seem distant, intangible, out of our hands even. It is almost like watching a documentary, where the scripted doom of nature earth is imminent with no viable solutions. This is a misconception that many young people face, where environmental dilemmas seem far beyond our amateur capabilities.

The 2041 foundation seeks to change this disposition. Over the last 14 years, environmental activist Robert Swan led 22 youth expeditions to the Antarctic, passing on knowledge and skills acquired from years of taking on the extreme climate. As a result, thousands of Youth have joined aboard the mission in conserving the pristine environment of Antarctica.

As the supporters of the 2041 goal are growing fast, time is also quickly running out. In 20 years time, many policies may change and much of the Antarctic’s ecosystem may be plunged into danger. For many of you who care for the Antarctic but are hesitant of where to begin, we urge you: start here. By sharing this post with your friends, regularly following our news on the Antarctic, and as little as a dollar’s donation, our foundation can thus be kept up and running, where our youths will be able to fight in the forefront of climate change.

In the future, we’ll be covering many more stories outlining the challenges the Antarctic has faced in the past. It is important for us to gain understanding on the environmental risks and impacts to build effective strategies in combating future issues. So make sure to stick with us, as we venture off into the past where we explore the threats and obstacles faced by Antarctic’s ecosystem, as well as the success stories in our efforts to conserve it!

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