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University of Bristol

I am a final year BSc Geography student from the University of Bristol specialising in the field of physical geography, specifically climates systems, geographic information system and geographic data science. 

I am an adventurous person of self-awareness and I am conscientious to make a difference for the peace and sustainability of the world. As an international undergraduate from Hong Kong and a graduate of a United World College, I have been exposed to various intercultural activities and dynamic lifestyles. 

Trees From Above

" One World, One People, One Future "


I wish to help fight against climate change by designing solutions that can educate the public as well as collaborating and running international campaigns through the use of digital innovations. With the rising development in technology, there is an increasing demand and potential for the incorporation of big data in development projects. I believe that geographic information is valuable across all disciplines and can be used to develop new solutions and contribute to the transformation of infrastructures of the world in a geospatial context. I am intrigued by how geospatial parameters are transformed into meaningful data to build representative models that connect people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures and to address pressing problems across the globe.

My final year project is a dissertation that focuses on assessing the impacts of urban albedo geoengineering, particularly on the modifications of roofs and pavements, across the globe. Roofs and pavements account for a significant proportion of urban regions, and albedo modification can be retrofitted country-wide at little cost. There is the possibility of implementation with the view of slowing the accelerating warming of the 21st Century, particularly in urban areas. With the anthropogenic domain having a profound impact on the climate and the possibility of crossing the threshold into irreversible change, there is an immediate need to act upon this. Geoengineering schemes are increasingly being discussed as a mitigation strategy that can be implemented globally. I have chosen this topic area to take upon this challenge by exploring different realistic scenarios regarding the mitigation and adaptation of this phenomenon and hopefully to contribute to the realm of global development. By focusing on urban areas, I hope to establish a more tangible and feasible outcome of urban albedo modification being a potential measure towards the sustainable development of the world.

Furthermore, I would like to work on cross-national sustainability-related projects and improve people's lifestyle by helping to alleviate the impacts of climate change, 

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